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Available Recordings
  • Big Kibosh
    Big Kibosh
    by New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

    1997 (Shanachie)

  • Fresh Out the Past
    Fresh Out the Past
    by New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

    1999 (Shanachie)

  • 1995
    by New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
  • Borvis
    by New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

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Klezmer All-Stars are top 10 selection in Rolling Stone magazine...

check David Fricke's article from Rolling Stone about the jazzfest performance, including the yiddish meters stuff- Downloadable right below this post).






Sneak peek- get two new tracks for free

We have two new tracks from the rhythm section fellows.  you get them for free!!

Here comes the Seltzerman



Mean Willie Green- drums
Joe Cabral-bass 
Glenn Hartman- Hammond B3
Jonathan Freilich- Guitar 


What's the story with this?

Stay tuned- you will find out.  We will be playing some of this at the Jazzfest performance this saturday!


New Record Out- Klezmer All Stars Duo- Hats

Ladies and Gentleman- we have a new one.  New sounds duo record- accordion and guitar. 

Available on Itunes and CD Baby as soon as their algorithms get with the listing.




Klezmer All Stars Mardi Gras schedule- we are on!!!

We will be out...with you. Don't miss it.


Sunday March 2nd at Hi Ho Lounge- Double bill with Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers.  Klezmer All Stars come on second.  Show starts at 10pm.


Mardi Gras Day!-  at DBA New Orleans in our traditional slot at the conclusion of a certain parade.  What's their name?  Can't tell you. NO!  I suspect at around 4pm.


The band lineup for these festivities:

Jonathan Freilich- guitar
Ben Ellman- sax
Glenn Hartman- accordion
Stanton Moore-Drums
Joe Cabral-bass
Dave Rebeck-violin 




KlezmerAllStars Duo Strike again- in GERMANY!